Who are you?

I’m Nath. IT Professional, self-proclaimed geek & Ford enthusiast.

What do you do?

Many things, but if you’re reading this page you’re probably more interested in the cruise control I can retrofit to certain Fiestas.

Can I have cruise control?

Well that depends, you have to answer 1 very simple question, and 1 not so simple question.

Question #1

Do you have a 2008-2012 Fiesta commonly referred to as MK7 or pre-facelift? They look a bit like the one on the left:

Facelift Notice.fw

If yes continue on to Question #2.

Question #2

Do you have a white and green/brown wire inside your steering column? It’s as easy as removing 3 screws and 2 bits of plastic to check, click here for the instructions.

Steering Column Wires

But I have a 2012+ MK7.5/facelift model – why can’t I have cruise control?

Ford changed the way the ECU is programmed and unfortunately that stops me accessing the area I need to modify to activate cruise control. There are stories online of MK7.5 owners successfully retrofitting cruise control by a helpful dealership.

I’ve got the 2 wires on a MK7 Fiesta – what else do I need?

You’re going to need some parts. These include: the silver ‘V’ trim on your steering wheel, the radio & cruise buttons, and the wires that links them together. Ford won’t sell those parts individually, only as a complete wheel (last time I checked it was several hundred pounds) so your best bet is to get the steering wheel from a Titanium model from a breakers yard (that’s the only UK model that came with cruise control as standard).

Please note that it’s really important that the wires be in one piece for everything to work. Sounds obvious when you say it but if you’re buying online always message the seller first to confirm. I have seen some in the past from heavy handed breakers who ripped them apart when taking out the airbag. Here’s a photo showing the important parts. Make sure the white plug, 2 spades and metal O ring as all firmly attached. A good target price is around £50. If you get really stuck trying to find one, ask me and I’ll do my best. I recharge part at cost + 10%.

Steering WheelWires

And how much is all this going to cost me?

There’s 2 options depending on where you are, geographically speaking.

Option #1 – Lets Meet

I’m in Milton Keynes and can visit you if you’re within 20 miles of here (MK, Northampton, Bedford, Luton, Aylesbury). Of course you’re more than welcome to come and see me in sunny* MK.

*may not actually be sunny during your visit.


For me to complete a full installation (removal of airbag & steering wheel trim, installation of new trim with radio & cruise control buttons, reinstall airbag), reprogram the ECU to activate cruise control, all whilst making pleasant small talk you’re looking at £100.

If you know a super-dooper mechanic or feel you can complete the installation yourself and just need me to perform the activation with my IT wizardry, it’s £50. Remember though, airbags are dangerous and only attempt this if you know what you’re doing.

Option #2 – Install/Activation by a Local Mechanic

If you’re too far from Milton Keynes, are good friends with a mechanic, or just can’t face seeing me don’t worry, I don’t hold a grudge. As long as you know someone with the Ford IDS software and VCM cable they should be able to perform the activation for you with a little guidance from yours truly. You may be asking what they would need my help for. Well you see, Ford very kindly disabled the option of enabling cruise control through their official diagnostic software. You can see the option but it’s greyed out. This is where my IT skills come in and by following my simple instructions along with an activation file you purchase from me for the very reasonable price of £25, your mechanic should be able to perform the same magic as me and get cruise control activated.

Click here if you’d like to purchase a file for your vehicle.

And how long is all this going to take?

Approximately 45-60 minutes.

When can you do it?

Usually weekends, contact me to check availability.

I have more questions!

No problem, just drop me an email and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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